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Book Coaching

Whether you have begun writing yet or not, there is so much to learn along the way.

Being an author and publisher, I’ve often had people call and ask if “they can bend my ear” while they try to navigate their way around this process.

I am always thrilled to help.

So, here’s your chance to – use the calendar below to book a free call with me and ask me anything!

On the call, we’ll see where you are at in this sacred process and see how I can support and align you with this mission.

Often, I can be the pep talk you need to keep going with more clarity on how to organize and set priorities of what needs to be completed next. Or sometimes, I can add insight and vision on the story line and messaging you want to share with the world.

Overall, we will discuss your writing and project goals/timelines and I will offer direction, ideas, and offerings on how to support you throughout your process that will benefit you and your project so you have a better handle on how to move forward either by yourself, or to continue to work with me as a book coach for a 3 month period of time or full time (GHOST WRITING Package) making this book a published reality in 9-15 months.

In any case, I am here for you.

Here are some ideas to ask me about:
📖 Book titles & taglines
📖 Book cover (front, back) and how to find a graphic artist
📖 Editing and where to find an Editor and how to find the right one for you.
📖 Publishing (self-publish or how to write a book proposal and/or query letter)
📖 Printing (on demand or in bulk)
📖 Interior layout design and how to find the right designer for you
📖 Pricing & Earning potential(s) from publishing a book
📖 How to create a kindle book, eBook, and audiobook and why it’s a good idea
📖 How to create a book trailer
📖 Marketing (from a-z)

Last but not least, the deep work it takes to share your story and the victorious feeling afterward in heeding not only the call for you to write it but for the many others that will reap the benefits from you sharing this with the world!

Book your FREE call today!

After booking the call, you’ll receive a questionnaire to get things rolling. This will help us get prepared for your call.

Plan on a 30 – 55 minute call to share where you are in this process and where you want to land with your story. Looking forward to hearing about your story!