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What We Do

We are here to transform true stories into powerful pieces.

We know that those who have a story worth telling are always called to it, but to move your story into a book takes strategy, precision, experts, and often other writers.

Our aim is to get to the heart of your story without using mechanical copy, AI, or any technology that takes truth and essence away from your story.

Your voice and heart will hit the page while we tie your message in with a cohesive vision of who you are and where you’ve been, making sure your readers benefit from your wisdom.

Our Offerings


Who We Are


Judy Cochrane
Founder | CEO

Judy is our lead writer and author of two books – Eleven Days and Temporarily Closed For Self Care & Spiritual Maintenance.

She takes a holistic approach unique to R HOUSE PUBLISHING.

Because healing is a part of writing, Judy uses her 30+ years of studying the healing arts (hypnotherapy, meditation, intuitive guidance, and energy work) to coach her writers through this process of healing while they write.

She’s tenacious and passionate about supporting others’ call to write because she knows our life is our art, and when shared, it will help you but will also help many others.


Nicole Cochrane
Vice President

Nicole Faith leads business development and talent acquisition as well as takes on writing roles and brand development.

Her writing career started ghostwriting for one of the world’s top entrepreneurs, speakers, and most successful men.

With 10+ years of experience in personal development & healing, she writes from the heart of each individual’s heart and story.

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Plan on a 30 – 55 minute call to share where you are in this process and where you want to land with your story. Looking forward to hearing about your story!