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I will not say that writing this will easy. There are so many basics to learn while you are enduring one of the most brilliant healings you will uncover. Whether you are writing a nonfiction or fiction, this is a divine process.

I can help support the unfolding through the basics (book titles, covers, editing, printing, layout design, pricing, publishing, marketing….) and the deep work it takes to share your story.

If you have the slightest realization that your story would benefit the world and aren’t sure how to start, book your KICK START IT call below.

We will discuss your writing and project goals/timelines and I will offer direction, ideas, and offerings on how to support you throughout your process that will benefit you and your project so you have a better handle on how to move forward either by yourself or to continue to work with her.

I have a thing for binge writing, so be prepared to get swept up in the process while you allow me to inspire you to get this book kick-started. You will receive guidelines and writing goals, so be sure that you have 3-months open to kick starting this project so you can make the most of your time.

Book your KICK START IT Call

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