Alignment Coaching with Judy

We often think we need to hustle to get what and to where we want in life, but the greatest manifestors, healers, sages, mystics, philosophers, and many religious and spiritual leaders have taught us that the power resides within.

When aware of our higher self, we fully align with Source/God. Once that takes place your own intuition becomes your guidance and you become a magnet to all the good that wants to come to you, making anything possible.

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With my vast experience of being mis-aligned in life, I now have what I call a PhD: Personal hell Development 🙂 Combined with my 35 year background in the healing arts, hypnotherapy, meditation, Law of Attraction, intention setting, my empathy and understanding & love for people, combined with my personal relationship with Source/God… gives me Divine intuition, clarity, and immense joy in shining the light in others lives where I can. I also am a memoir book coach for some. So, if you feel a need to put your story on paper…let me know. I can help there too!

CERTIFIED: Hypnotherapist, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master.

Relations with Self & Others: self love & care/marriage/parenting/siblings/aging parents/ loss of loved ones/work peers negative habits & addiction/habitual drinking/parenting child addicts

Health: alternative, holistic & nutritional healing modalities, practices, supplements, juicing, etc… mind & emotional wellbeing: hypnosis/self hypnosis, regression, tapping, breath work, prayer and more.

Wealth: clearing blocks and negative belief systems with mindful practices, energy awareness and simple use of the law of attraction to manifest the abundance that has always been meant for you.

Self Expression: sacred boundaries, finding your voice & using it.

Freedom to Be: you, honoring your own light and uniqueness in this world, exploring ideas on how to share your calling, how to tap in and tune into the universal source energy that orchestrates the world around you on your behalf…the source that wants to co- create with you.

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